Rust Protection for Ice Skates

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Rust Protection for Ice Skates has never been easier with Zerust’s extended-life Skate Guard CoversSkate Guard Covers

Quality ice skates are a big investment. You need to keep your blades sharp. Your performance depends on it!

Skates are made to meet the ice, but that contact with wet surfaces puts them at risk for rust. 

Zerust’s rust protection for ice skates includes skate covers that are specially-engineered to keep moisture away from blades. Our Skate Guard Covers give you an edge on the ice for up to five (5) full years!

These adjustable skate covers offer the best in ice skate rust protection. They are designed to fit around most all hockey skates and figure skates. Zerust Skate Guard Covers, made with our superior rust prevention technology, are key to proper blade maintenance. Prevent minor scratches and dents, which puts metal at risk of corrosion and dulling, by keeping Zerust Skate Guard covers on your blades when walking on hard surfaces other than ice. After skating, wipe off blades and place them inside the Zerust Skate Guard Covers for maximum rust protection.