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The 24-Hour Test

Few things are as pervasive as corrosion, a naturally occurring process which can attack your firearms, ammo and weapons during manufacturing, shipping, storage and even while in use. That’s why firearms rust protection is a must for all of your guns, ammo and weapons.

To show the effects of corrosion, we placed metal nails in two different water solutions for a 24-hour period: one with Zerust and one without Zerust. As you can see, Zerust stops rust before it starts.

Metal Nails Without Zerust protection
rust protectionrust protection
Metal Nails With Zerust protection
rust protectionrust protection

Zerust is the clear solution to any corrosion problem. Our products help to increase the efficiency of your precious metals, saving you time and money.

We know you’re serious about protecting your guns and ammunition. That’s why Zerust is specially designed to shield your expensive firearms, ammo and weapons from harmful rust, keeping them as valuable as the day they were purchased. If you want to pass your guns down to future generations, trust Zerust for all your firearms rust protection needs.