What Is Zerust?
Rust PrEVENTION Technology

Zerust is rust prevention technology that provides the ultimate solution to protect metal from harmful rust and corrosion.

How It Works – Zerust products protect against rust by releasing an invisible, non-toxic,
non-reactive and odorless corrosion-inhibiting vapor. The vapor protects metal components by preventing corrosion for up to five years. Zerust can protect a range of metal items, including those created from aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel, and silver.

Protect Valuables – Zerust rust prevention technology works equally well for all metal valuables, including motorcycles, automobiles, firearms, circuit boards, automotive parts,
fine jewelry and silver.

Is It Safe? – Because Zerust uses invisible, odorless and non-toxic rust protection technology, Zerust products are completely safe. They leave no residue and cause no changes to the metal they are protecting. In fact, all Zerust products are environmentally friendly, and cleared by the
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use with kitchen equipment and foodware.

Use Zerust products in your home with complete confidence. All products exceed federal test method requirements and have been employed by major automotive manufacturers, computer electronics suppliers, the military, and many other companies to protect metal items from rust and corrosion.

Some of our best selling products include Tube and Barrel Strips, Vapor Capsules, Multipurpose VCI Poly Bags, Plastabs and Drawer Liners.