General Information

Fast shipping is a top priority at We understand that you order a product when you need it—and that you would prefer to receive the product as soon as possible. Because we understand that expediency and tracking options matter to all of our customers, we ship all products via UPS.

Your order will usually arrive 5-10 business days after purchase. You can track the progress of a package on the UPS website once the shipment leaves our facility.

Upon making a purchase, your order number and tracking number will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during checkout. If you would like your tracking number to be resent to you at any time, please contact Customer Service with a valid e-mail address and your order number.

Returned Packages

New UPS policies currently mandate that after three (3) unsuccessful delivery attempts all packages will be returned to the shipper.

For this reason, any packages returned to will be subject to one of the following:

  1. Secondary charges (to reship the order).
  2. Store credit.
  3. A refund (minus restocking fees and original shipping costs).

Please note: Under no circumstances will shipping charges be refunded on returned packages.

Military Shipping - APO/FPO

Need to ship to a military address? We're happy to assist you with this process, but UPS cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the only organization we can use to ship to military addresses. Therefore, FOR MILITARY SHIPPING ONLY, you have the option to ship via USPS using the following instructions:

In the "State" field choose:

  • AA for Armed Forces (the) Americas
  • AE for Armed Forces Europe
  • AP for Armed Forces Pacific

In the "City" field choose:

  • APO for Army Post Office
  • FPO for Fleet Post Office
Double Check Your Address:
  1. Make sure you select APO or FPO as the ship-to city.
  2. Make sure you enter AA, AE or AP as your state.
  3. Make sure you select USA as your country. Even if you are stationed overseas, military addresses are considered to be within the US. If you fail to choose USA as your country location, you will not be able to get domestic rates that military addresses normally qualify for.

Packages can only be tracked as far as the New York, California or Florida drop-off point. After your package is transferred to US military mail, it cannot be tracked.

Order Tracking

You can track the status of any pending order by clicking the "My Account" tab and logging on to To track a package, enter your tracking number on the UPS website.

Wondering when an order will arrive? Before you can receive your product(s), the following things must happen:

  1. Your credit card must be authorized and your address must be verified. If you make an error while entering this information it will delay your order.
  2. If we have an item in-stock and you place your order before 4:00 pm EST, it is likely that your order will ship as soon as your payment and address are verified.
  3. Orders are only processed during the business week (Monday-Friday).

Have concerns or questions about your order? Contact us. We will do the same if we notice a discrepancy in your order or need additional information from you.

International Shipping

Any order being shipped outside the 50 United States is considered an international order. A processing fee may apply to these types of orders, in addition to international rates. International orders can be shipped via UPS Worldwide. Contact Customer Service for more information on costs and delivery options.

How much does shipping cost?


Domestic rates are determined by the shipping provider (UPS or USPS for military shipments) based on the weight of the package and the distance it is being shipped. If you notice a discrepancy in the prices charged, please let us know.


Like domestic rates, international rates are based on distance and weight but are generally higher than domestic rates. Contact us if you have questions about shipping overseas.