Check out these simple, money-saving corrosion prevention tips to protect your valuable metal items. Zerust products are perfect for motorcycles, firearms, circuit boards, fine jewelry and silver, bicycles and much more.

Metal corrosion and rust is a naturally-occurring process that happens when metal comes in contact with water and oxygen. It can be expedited by the presence of other chemicals, such as sodium (i.e., saltwater, salt spray, acid rain, etc.). The fact is, no metal is immune to corrosion no matter what the environment. But it can also in virtually all situations be managed, slowed or even stopped with the proper technique.

Zerust offers the best in corrosion prevention with patented, superior formula that helps to preserve and protect your precious metals – from fine jewelry to firearms.

Our corrosion technology involves the use of eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors that react to the metal’s surface and/or the environmental gases that cause corrosion and thus interrupt the corrosive chemical reaction.

Other corrosion inhibitors have a tendency to leave a layer of film on your products. Zerust products leave no residue or film. In fact, our products have been deemed safe for use on food ware and for kitchen-related products by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

We want to make sure your metal goods are preserved for as long as possible. Here, we offer further information about how you can effectively block or halt corrosion and rust with Zerust products.