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A good bicycle cover offers more than a buffer from the elements. It can offer protection from would-be thieves. Cyclists who bike to work know how prevalent of a problem bike theft is, and almost all cyclists know that their bike is never completely safe, even in storage.

While a lock can deter bike theft, having one doesn’t always keep a bicycle safe. Parts can be stripped from the frame, chains can get broken and wheels can get flattened.

Typically, thieves steal things that are easy targets. Because bicycles are typically light, bike owners must constantly protect their cycle from theft. A bicycle cover is very useful in this regard. If a thief cannot see a bicycle, it is less likely they will take the time to steal it. That’s why a Zerust Bicycle Cover is an essential and inexpensive anti-theft investment.

The fact is, good bikes don’t come cheap. Investing in a good bicycle cover will keep your bike safe.

Our Zerust Bicycle Cover is hassle-free and takes only seconds to apply. Better yet, all of our covers are woven with a special corrosion-inhibiting formula that provides VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) protection on the surface of your bicycle. So besides fulfilling all the traditional uses of a cover — protection from water and sun — our covers also provide a unique shield against rust and corrosion for five (5) years!

A Zerust Bicycle Cover is the perfect way to keep your prized mountain bike, street bike or antique bicycle running like new and safe from prying eyes. If you’re looking for powerful protection for your valuable possessions, look for Zerust.