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Whether your bicycle is large or small, old or new, if you want to keep it free from rust and corrosion trust a Zerust Bicycle Cover. Bicycle corrosion prevention is exceptionally simple with this effortless solution.

Bicycle Corrosion Prevention has Never Been Easier

Our Bicycle Covers are available in two versions: with a zipper enclosure or with a plain enclosure. Both covers protect your bicycle’s metal parts that are normally prey to rust and corrosion.

Simply place your bicycle cover on the ground, drive your bicycle over the cover and seal the bag until the bike is fully enclosed. Our patented corrosion prevention technology will instantly begin protecting your bicycle from rust for up to five (5) years!

We understand that bicycles are valuable and expensive, so the last thing you want your prized ride to do is corrode. Rest assured that our specially formulated corrosion prevention technology is proven to keep precious metals rust free. Your couplings, seat posts and frames are safe with us!