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Is your bicycle ready for cold weather? Bicycle rust protection is essential for winter months. Many cyclists in colder climates know how thrilling a winter ride can be. But have you ever considered how snow, ice, freezing temperatures and frigid winds can affect your bicycle?

Bicycles are always susceptible to rust, corrosion, moisture and dust, but this is especially true in winter weather. If you live in a cold climate, snow, ice, loose gravel and salt can do serious damage to your bicycle’s paint job, bodywork and braking system. Minor scratches and nicks on a bike’s frame can easily turn to rust. So when a bicycle is used or stored in cold weather, it needs extra care. Our bicycle rust protection system can help. Also, check out these tips for preparing your bicycle for winter:

  1. Clean your bicycle after every use. After a long summer of riding, simple things like washing and drying your bike can make a big difference. While cleaning the entire bicycle is important, pay special attention to the painted parts in order to prevent corrosion. After your bicycle is completely dry, add polish.
  2. Restore damaged parts. Once your bike is clean and dry, repair any parts that may have become damaged during the summer. Tighten the handlebars and seat. Replace any broken reflectors. Check the breaks. Tighten the chain and oil it with a 3-in-1 oil (not a lubricant like WD-40). A simple tune-up in the late summer or early fall can save you from a headache in the spring.
  3. Store your bike away from the elements. One of the best places to store your bicycle is in a dry, relatively warm garage away from salt, water and dirt. But while garages can do a decent job of protecting your bike from the elements, more is required.
  4. Hang your bicycle upside down in order to keep the tires inflated. Many cyclists drill large, rubber hooks into the ceilings of their garages to protect their bike’s tires from dust and dirt on the ground.
  5. Invest in a bicycle cover. Often inexpensive, bicycle covers protect your prized possession from wind, water, corrosion, and rust—your bike’s greatest enemies. Simply putting your bike in the corner of the garage will not ensure its safety. A bike cover adds an extra layer of protection.

If you’re looking for durable, all-weather protection that reduces the formation of rust and corrosion on your bike, look for Zerust bicycle rust protection. Our Bicycle Covers are woven with a special corrosion-inhibiting formula that puts a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) shield on the surface of your bicycle. That means our covers guard your bike not just from water and damaging UV rays, but also from rust and corrosion. Trust Zerust – the ultimate solution for seasonal bicycle storage and bicycle rust protection.

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