Zerust products EQUIPPED WITH Patented
Rust Prevention Technology

Zerust products are specially designed to protect metal from rust and corrosion by releasing an invisible, non-toxic, odorless vapor onto exposed metal surfaces. Our wide range of products work on a variety of metal items, including aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel and silver.

Rust prevention is guaranteed with Zerust products, ranging from vehicle covers to gun oil to silverware polish. If you have metal valuables, electronics, sports gear or treasured jewelry that you want to last, Zerust can help.

Tackling rust problems is our forte. As a global leader in corrosion and rust prevention, Zerust offers the ultimate protection with an invisible, non-toxic and odorless formula. We offer the best value to customers worldwide looking to prevent rust in a wide range of products in all seasons and environments. All products are environmentally friendly and approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in kitchen equipment.

Our rust prevention products are trusted by the U.S. military, as well as big-name auto makers, computer electronics suppliers and more.

Best-selling Zerust products include:

But we offer so much more.

Whether you are a hunter, a craftsman, a skater, a driver, a cook, an electrician, a bicyclist, a boater or a collector of valuable coins and jewelry – Zerust has the rust prevention solution for you.

Most of our products offers superior protection from rust and corrosion for a full five (5) years after your purchase. The fact is, all metal products are potentially susceptible to damage from rust, tarnish and corrosion. But that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to protect your life’s precious metals from harmful rust, look for Zerust.
Better protection. Better value. Zerust.

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