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Zerust corrosion prevention is essential to maintain your electronics, tools and parts in good working condition.

what is Corrosion?

Corrosion – The degradation of metal over time as the surface interacts with oxygen, water and acid gases. As a result of this deterioration, rust can form on unprotected electronics, tools and parts, sometimes within hours.

Corrosion Prevention – Managing corrosion with Zerust Electronics, Tools & Parts Products will inhibit the electrochemical reactions that cause rust on the surface of your valuable tools and parts, saving you time and money.

best storage and Handling best Practices for corrosion prevention

  1. All bags and containers must be tightly closed to restrict airflow.
  2. The temperature of metal items being stored must be the same as the current room temperature.
  3. Avoid the direct contact of metal with wood, paper and cardboard.
  4. Always wear clean, dry gloves before handling metal.
  5. Pack only clean, dry metal items.