Finally there’s an easy and effortless way to protect your firearms against the hazards of rust and corrosion.

Just place one of our vapor capsules inside the storage case with your guns and close the door or lid. Another option is to place your firearm into a vapor bag, insert the barrel strip, seal the bag and place in your safe, case, rifle bag or any air restricted container.

Every metal surface on the inside and outside of your firearm will be protected against rust and corrosion. No more oiling, no more mess. Simply pack it, seal it and put it away.

Zerust VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) technology is invisible, odorless, non-toxic and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as food safe. Highly effective and easy-to-use, Zerust capsules and bags provide years of protection without harming wood or wood finishes. And best of all, Zerust® has absolutely no effect on the environment.

How Zerust Works

Our patented vapor capsules and bags contain proprietary Zerust® VCI formulations that are designed to protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion while in an enclosure.

Whether using capsules in a safe, or gun bags impregnated with Zerust® VCIs, the air inside the enclosure quickly becomes saturated with VCI vapor molecules that automatically release into the confined air space and attach themselves to all exposed metal surfaces. The VCIs cling to the metal until the enclosure is opened and the firearm removed. The harmless VCI molecules vaporize within minutes after of being exposed to open air leaving all surfaces clean, dry and corrosion free.

Enclosures are keybarrel-strip

Zerust vapor capsules and storage bags maintain their potency best when used in enclosures that limit air exchange with the outside atmosphere. The containers you use do not need to be 100 percent airtight. Rifle bags, cabinets, display cases, toolboxes, gun safes and other containers all minimize air exchange and thereby help maintain a high concentration of VCIs. The higher the concentration means increased effectiveness, so it is important to limit air exchange in order for the enclosed atmosphere to reach saturation levels of VCIs.

Positioning Capsules in a Gun Safe Or other Enclosuregun-capsule

When possible, Zerust Capsules should be located in the center of an enclosure. The VC2- 2 vapor capsule is most effective when located in the center of an enclosure with a 2 ft. radius and a volume of 33.5 cubic feet. If your enclosure is larger, we recommend you use two or three capsules.

The approximate life span of one capsule serving 33.5 cubic feet of volume is two years. Use the convenient label found on each capsule to note the installation date so you don’t forget.

Compatibility & Restrictions

Zerust vapor capsules and storage bags can be used in any environment with no measurable chemical interaction with other elements. There is no likelihood that the vapors will enhance flammability or react with industrial or marine atmospheres to create any by-products. Surfaces exposed to Zerust vapors do not exhibit any measurable changes in their electrical, mechanical or chemical properties.

Do not install capsules where they may be submerged or come in contact with bulk water. Zerust vapor capsules will not provide protection from corrosion caused by direct contact of the metal with acids, water, etc.

Over an extended period of time, Zerust products will “yellow” paper so do not use them in the proximity to antique books, photographs, valuable documents, etc.

Because Zerust cannot anticipate or control the many different conditions under which this information or these products may be used, no warranty, express or implied, is made except that the product conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications. The buyer/user assumes all risk of use, storage and handling of these products. Zerust will not be responsible for special or consequential damages.

Zerust Vapor Capsules must not be disassembled to expose the contents. In case of accidental ingestion, give water and induce vomiting.

Zerust products are cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. No special handling or disposing is required. No unpleasant aromas are emitted. The electrical or mechanical properties of packaged items are not affected.

Click here to download a PDF of our Firearms Protection Manual.