Vapor Capsules for Ammo and Weapons



Zerust Vapor Capsules provide stored guns and firearms with ample rust protection for up to 2 years. A great alternative to gun oil and WD-40, our capsules are the simplest way to protect guns from harmful corrosion.

How to Use Vapor Capsules

Vapor Capsules are easy to use inside enclosed firearm storage cases. With an adhesive backing, capsules can be applied to just about any surface. The small, portable capsules release anti-corrosion molecules into the air in your firearm storage case, protecting your weapons and ammo from costly rust. The best part is the non-toxic vapor will not leave any residue or dangerous chemicals on your guns or ammo.

VC1-1 and VC1-1(s) capsules protect a radius of one (1) foot within an enclosed area. VC1-1(s) covers the same area as VC1-1 capsules in a smaller size.

VC2-1, VC2-2 and TP2-1 capsules protect a radius of two (2) feet within an enclosed area.

VC4-1 capsules protect a radius of four (4) feet within an enclosed area for one year.

VC6-1 & VC6-2 capsules protect a radius of six (6) feet within an enclosed area.

Check out our Anti-Tarnish Vapor Capsule if you’re looking to protect silver, jewelry and other metals that contain non-ferrous compounds.

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