Anti-Tarnish Vapor Capsule



It’s easy to protect your prized possessions with a Zerust Anti-Tarnish Vapor Capsule.

Our vapor capsules protect silver, including jewelry and coins, as well as gold, brass, tin, pewter, copper and other metals that contain non-ferrous compounds.

How to Use Vapor Capsules

Anti-Tarnish Vapor Capsules are easy-to-use and require no expensive containers or high-maintenance polishing. Simply seal a vapor capsule inside any airtight storage container and our patented rust prevention technology will do the rest.

Zerust Vapor Capsules have an adhesive backing, which allow them to be easily affixed to the inside of existing storage bins, jewelry boxes, drawers, safes and cabinets.

Our anti-tarnish formula is cleared by the FDA as food safe and can be used for storing silver flatware, copper pots and much more. Best of all, our rust protection technology lasts one year and covers a radius of two (2) feet within an enclosed area.

If you’re looking for other ways to protect your precious jewelry, silver and coins, check out our other anti-tarnish products.

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