Skate Guard Covers



Protect your edge with our extended life Skate Guard Covers. Specially engineered to keep moisture away from blades, our covers will help you stay sharp on the ice for up to five (5) years.

Made with our exclusive rust prevention technology, our adjustable covers offer the best protection against rusting and dulling. Designed to easily fit around most types of hockey and figure skates, our Skate Guard Covers are essential to maintaining your blades.

Proper care of your skates can extend their life and improve your movement on the ice. Be nice to your blades with these easy tips:

  • Wear skate guard covers when walking on hard surfaces (other than ice) to avoid dulling the edges of the blades. Minor dents and scratches can make metal vulnerable to corrosion.

  • After skating, wipe and thoroughly dry off blades before inserting them into skate guard covers to help prevent rust.

  • Always put guard covers on before storing skates in a bag. This will protect the blades and other items in your bag from damage.

Good skates are an expensive investment. Keep your blades beautiful with Zerust!

Additional information

Weight0.2875 lbs
Dimensions7 × 8 × 2 in
Blade cover size

Medium (up to 13” blade), Large (up to 14” blade)