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Zerust Rust Prevention for Boats
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Specially made Vapor Capsules for Boats are designed to offer corrosion and rust protection for any vessel, so you can sail to your heart’s content.

Corrosion damage is especially prevalent in marine applications where a constant salt air environment, often combined with high temperatures and humidity levels, increasing the threat of corrosion. If not correctly monitored and avoided, rust can harm your boat, propeller, electrical systems and motor.

Our high-performance Vapor Capsules release a non-toxic vapor with a radius of 1-6 feet within any enclosed area. This vapor invisibly protects your boat from rust and corrosion, ensuring the vessel remains in top shape and condition.

VC1-1 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of one (1) foot within an enclosed area.

VC2-1 & VC2-2 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of two (2) feet within an enclosed area.

VC6-1 & VC6-2 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of six (6) feet within an enclosed area.

An ample corrosion prevention system will help you save time and money, and provide a constant level of protection throughout the life of your boat. Enjoy a safe and hassle-free boating season with Zerust.

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VC1-1 – One Year Capsule, VC2-1 – One Year Capsule, VC2-2 – Two Year Capsule, VC4-1 – One Year Capsule, VC6-1 – One Year Capsule, VC6-2 – Two Year Capsule