Vapor Capsules for Tool and Tackle Boxes


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Zerust® ICT® Vapor Capsules for use in tool or tackle boxes are the most convenient way to store metal objects in a typical storage container while preventing rust and corrosion. The Vapor Capsules have an adhesive backing which easily affixes anywhere on the interior of the storage container.

For up to 2 years, the capsule will release anti-rust and corrosion molecules that will surround metal surfaces to create an invisible rust and corrosion shield within a 2 foot area. When the stored contents are taken out of the enclosure/storage container, the Zerust molecules will vaporize into the air, leaving no sticky or flaky coatings on your metals or storage container.

VC1-1 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of 1 foot within an enclosed area.

VC2-1, VC2-2 and TP2-1 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of 2 feet within an enclosed area.

VC4-1 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of 4 feet within an enclosed area.

VC6-1 & VC6-2 Vapor Capsules protect a radius of 6 feet within an enclosed area.

Use Anti-Tarnish Capsules for silver, jewelry and other metals that contain non-ferrous compounds.

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VC1-1 – One Year Capsule, VC2-1 – One Year Capsule, VC2-2 – Two Year Capsule, VC4-1 – One Year Capsule, VC6-1 – One Year Capsule, VC6-2 – Two Year Capsule, TP2-1 – Anti-Tarnish Capsule-One Year