Anti-Tarnish Silver Storage Bags



Protect silver jewelry, collectible coins and silverware from harmful tarnish with our protective Anti-Tarnish Silver Storage Bags. Densely woven with our special anti-rust technology, our satin blue storage bags surround your valuables with luxurious softness while protecting against tarnish damage.

Our patented rust prevention formula is perfect for keeping antique silver, silverware, earrings and other heirloom jewelry clean and tarnish-free. The formula is non-toxic, residue free and cleared by the FDA as food safe. 

Polishing silver is a time-consuming task. Save time and money with Zerust. Our storage bags provide up to five (5) years of rust protection, making them the perfect companion for your precious silver. We’ll keep your valuables lustrous and ready for any occasion.

In addition to our silver storage bags, we also offer other Anti-Tarnish products.

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