Anti-Tarnish Drawer Liner



Our Anti-Tarnish Drawer Liner combines the power of Zerust rust prevention technology with a heavy-duty non-slip PVC rubber.

When used in an enclosed area, a layer of anti-tarnish molecules are released around the surface of your silver to shield it from harmful corrosion. Our products are non-toxic, cleared by the FDA as food safe, and leave behind no residue or odor.

Line your jewelry case, pouch or silver storage drawer with an Anti-Tarnish Drawer Liner to protect your special occasion silver and jewelry from rust for up to five (5) years.

  • Cut to size for a custom fit
  • Holds silver in place, protects drawers from scratches and prevents metal from dulling
  • Easy to wipe clean with a soapy or damp cloth
  • Vapors will not harm wood or wood surfaces

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