Axxanol™ Spray-G 12-12 oz Aerosol Cans (1 case)


For superior corrosion protection in a sprayable grease, use Zerust® Axxanol™ Spray-G. It protects in extreme conditions, such as during outdoor storage and overseas shipping.


Axxanol™ Spray-G provides the protection of a grease in the convenience of a sprayable form. It outperforms many other rust preventative coatings, while being easier to apply and remove, saving time and costs associated with corrosion control. The product has an oily grease consistency and provides advanced corrosion protection for parts and equipment for up to 1 year outdoors and 2 years indoors.

Axxanol™ Spray-G can be used as a light lubricant while it provides exceptional corrosion protection. The product is resistant to water and is compatible with packaging and most rubber and plastic materials. Test on a small area before use.

  • Sprayable multimetal rust preventative coating
  • Protects in extreme outdoor conditions
  • Safe for paint and plastic
  • Non-hazardous* disposal
  • Removable with an alkaline cleaner

Additional information

Weight.8 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 10 in