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Prevent Corroded Barrels With the Right Gun Cleaner and Gun Oil

Responsible firearm owners know that proper gun maintenance and storage is obligatory. Newer models may not necessarily need to be cleaned after every use (though there is some debate among enthusiasts on ideal cleaning frequency), but it’s a given that any gun incorrectly cleaned or stored is vulnerable to damage from unburnt primer build-up, corrosion and rust due to water/humidity exposure. It’s key to choose the right gun cleaner and gun oil is key to prevent corroded barrels and other mechanisms.

There are a number of gun cleaner products that promise three-in-one treatments – Clean, Lubricate and Protect, or CLP for short. The problem is a matter of practical chemistry. A CLP product may clean most of the debris and fouling you’re trying to remove. However this type of formulation means the lubricant isn’t as effective. Inadequate lubricant will act as a debris magnet, attracting dirt, dust and sand. The result is mechanisms that are more prone to clogging and malfunction. Gun owners who solely use CLP cleaners often report their guns jam more frequently and fire fewer rounds than those who use separate gun cleaner and oil treatments.

For this reason, Zerust manufactures gun cleaner and gun oil products separately. Both are produced to offer optimal performance, keeping the weapon in prime condition and significantly reducing incidences of stoppages.

Finding the Right Gun Cleaner and Oil is Essential

It’s important for firearm owners to be appropriately prepared for the task of gun cleaning. That means having the right work space, ideally outside or in a well-ventilated, well-lit large room with a sturdy table that won’t move when you clean.

It also means clearing ammunition both from your weapon and your work space. (Triple check before you even think about starting this task.)

And finally, it means investing in the right tools for the job – including high-quality gun cleaner and gun oil. Zerust’s gun cleaner ensures all the dirt, grime, fingerprints and metal fouling are thoroughly removed from the gun bore.

Zerust gun oil, meanwhile, protects metal and prevents moisture build up that can result in damaging corrosion and rust. It also reduces metal-on-metal wear.

Both these products are eco-friendly, biodegradable – and effective.

Properly Store Your Weapons

Using an effective gun cleaner and gun oil is paramount to keeping your firearm in great condition, but storage can’t be overlooked either. Proper storage – particularly during seasons when there is a fair amount of humidity in the air – is key.

Having a sealed and sturdy gun cabinet can help reduce the amount of moisture that can creep in and also prevents gun oil from evaporating (thus leaving your gun unprotected). It also helps keep dust at bay.

Additional measures can help further protect your investment. Zerust has a number of options to help bolster your gun storage plan. These include:

Before every use, check your gun for signs of corrosion or other damage – an issue you’re less likely to encounter if you follow these gun cleaning and storage instructions.

Contact Zerust for information on preventing gun rust and corrosion by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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