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Spring is the Time to Carpe Diem on Car Rust Prevention

The motor vehicle industry has made significant strides in shielding new cars from rust ravages. New and improved body design and coatings have slashed the risk of both galvanic and simple corrosion. But don’t toss car rust prevention plans out the window just yet. There is substantial evidence rust hasn’t been entirely erased from the reliability concerns that have long plagued car rust prevention

Better Design Means Lower Car Rust Risk

In the mid-1990s, rust damage was such a serious and pervasive problem for vehicle owners, it cost $300 billion annually in repairs, according to It was around that time vehicle manufacturers started coating steel components with zinc, improving their paints and designing vehicles without body pockets prone to trapping mud and moisture. Steel rocker panels were also replaced with plastic, reducing the potential for trapped moisture.

All of this is good news for car owners, but it hasn’t entirely eliminated the corrosion concerns. Although the bulk of corrosion occurs in the winter, most drivers only begin to notice its effects in springtime. Car rust prevention shouldn’t be overlooked by owners of newer model cars, no matter how fresh-off-the-lot.¬†AAA has reported that road de-icers – specifically salt and chemical solutions – result in $3 billion annually in rust damage (nearly $15. billion over the course of five years).

And of course, owners of older and classic model cars are always going to wrestle with rust threat. People spend tens of thousands of dollars to restore these vehicles – only to leave them in a drafty garage covered by a thin sheet. It should be no surprise when rust sets in again. Some owners battle this problem with regular paint touch-ups, frequent undercarriage washing and steering clear of salt-lined roads or venturing out in rain or humidity. These are smart steps, but best topped off with Zerust car rust prevention tools, such as the car cover. Offering several years of protection, these covers do more than just shield against water, sun and other elements. They also provide the unique benefit of rust prevention with non-toxic, odorless vapors.

Why Zerust Car Covers are The Best Car Rust Prevention

Car cover options are seemingly limitless online. However, many of these products end up doing more damage because they trap moisture. Zerust car covers keep rust in check because not only are they water-resistant and mold-proof, they help to inhibit corrosion with a special chemical formula laced into the fabric. These agents provide protection when the car cover is on, of course, but they also remain active when the cover isn’t being used.

And while most car covers must be replaced every year or so, the Zerust car cover lasts a full five years.

Those who live in snowier regions would do well to regularly wash their vehicle throughout the season, particularly following a snowstorm. Now that the season has changed, a thorough “spring cleaning” wash with special focus on the undercarriage is also advised. But if you’re serious about keeping your car rust-free, you can’t stop there.

Although some vehicle owners may be hesitant to use a car cover in warmer months, particularly because that’s when vehicles tend to get the most use, the reality is you don’t have time to wash your car after every rain either. A Zerust car cover offers car rust prevention in between those summer showers and vehicle washes.

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