soft rifle bag with rust prevention

Biggest Benefits of Soft Rifle Bag With Built-in Rust Prevention

When you own a rifle, it’s not a question of whether you’ll need some type of enclosure to protect, transport, and conceal it. The issue is whether you should opt for a hard or soft rifle bag.

Rifle bags have been around as long as there have been firearms, with their evolution reflecting changes in firearm technology, transport methods, and gun owner preferences. In the early days when the most common firearms were muskets and flintlock rifles, protection during transport was critical. Most were carried in custom-made cloth or leather pouches, which provided only rudimentary protection against moisture/dust. In the 1800s, as firearm tech advanced and guns became more prevalent, they were increasingly used for hunting and sport. That’s when we started to see the dedicated rifle cases made of wood and leather. By the 20th Century, manufacturers started to mass produce rifle cases with synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, ensuring the bags were lightweight and durable.

The popularity of the soft rifle bag has only increased since then for a number of reasons. Gun owners who prefer them often cite the following benefits:

  • Lightweight and portable. Soft rifle bags are lighter, more portable, and easier to carry over long distances. That makes them ideal for hunters, soldiers, and others who need to transport their guns over long distances.
  • Flexibility. A soft rifle bag can accommodate rifles of a broader range of shapes and sizes, compared to a hard rifle case. They can be adjusted and folded, and more easily fit into tighter quarters during storage or transport.
  • Protection. Soft rifle bags typically have some sort of padding that provides protection against shock. Zerust, for example, offers a soft rifle bag with fleece lining and built-in rust prevention with VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor). This provides an extra layer of protection and cushioning to prevent dings and scratches AND helps absorb/wick away moisture that might accumulate inside, further safeguarding your gun from corrosion.
  • Affordability. A firearm bag made of soft material is typically going to be more budget-friendly than hard cases, which makes them an attractive option for many gun owners.
  • Discreet appearance. Lots of people like to keep a lower profile when they’re transporting their firearms. Hard gun cases are going too bulky – and obvious. Soft rifle cases are going to be more inconspicuous and draw less obvious attention.
  • Easier access. Hard firearm storage cases often require locking/unlocking, latching/unlatching, codes, etc. A soft carrying case usually allows for easier, faster access with a zipper. Depending on your purpose, that can be a big upside.
  • Long-term storage. This is specifically for rifle bags with VCI protection. Lots of people store their firearms in gun socks, which are soft and can be useful in preventing dust and scratches. However, if they aren’t made with VCI technology, they can actually trap moisture and accelerate rust on your firearm – especially if kept in a humid environment. You could safely store guns long-term in a hard, enclosed case and prevent corrosion if you used VCI vapor capsules. But a rifle bag offers an all-in-one solution for your long guns. And you can just grab-and-go when you’re ready to head out with it.

While hard cases for rifles do provide better physical protection from impacts, they’re not ideal for a lot of gun owners. Furthermore, without a VCI capsule, moisture can easily accumulate inside hard cases, leading to rust and corrosion. A fleece-lined VCI rifle bag offers a comprehensive solution for firearm storage by preventing corrosion, providing cushioning, and offering portability and ease of use.

For firearm owners looking to preserve the condition of their guns, especially during long-term storage, a VCI-equipped soft rifle bag is a highly valuable investment.

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