rust prevention spray for outdoor consumer goods like lawn mowers

Rust Prevention Spray Protects Metal Up to 1 Year Outdoors

Rust prevention spray can go a long way toward shielding metal-made equipment, tools, machinery, or furniture used outdoors for extended periods.

Commercially marketed to manufacturers shipping items via ocean freight, the Zerust Axxanol Spray-G has also proven effective for protecting outdoor metal-made consumer goods as well. Our rust prevention spray provides heavy duty protection, extending up to 1 full year for outdoor storage and up to 2 years when your items are in the garage or shed.

Outdoor Household Goods at Risk of Rustrust prevention spray for outdoor furniture, grills, etc.

Among the many household and consumer good that can be protected with a high-quality rust prevention spray:

  • Garden tools and equipment. Rakes, shelves, wheelbarrows, hoes, hoses/hose racks, and lawn mowers – all of these are constantly exposed to corrosive elements, such as moisture, soil, plant sap, and more that put them at high risk of rust.
  • Outdoor furniture. Your metal garden furniture, patio chairs, benches, tables, fire pits and other outdoor metal furniture routinely get direct exposure to rain, sun, salt, and temperature fluctuations. This can quickly lead to corrosion. Even rust-resistant paint isn’t full-proof protection. Corrosion with these items typically starts in the crevices, compromising the integrity long before it’s even visible.
  • Barbeque grills and smokers. High heat and exposure to the elements (as well as leftover food particles that aren’t always scraped completely off after each use) contribute to the exposure risk of these expensive items. Grill covers and smoker covers may shield from some elements, but can sometimes do more harm than good if they trap moisture inside.
  • Bicycles and other sporting equipment. Bikes, scooters, metal trampolines, swing sets, etc. – all of these are routinely kept outdoors, and all have metal components with the potential to corrode. Frequent exposure to water, oil from hands, road salt, etc. doesn’t help.rust prevention spray
  • Lawn and garden decor. Metal statues, wind chimes, garden stakes, decorative fencing – all of that can rust quickly if not proactively shielded with a good rust prevention spray. Even minor discoloration is problematic when the whole point is aesthetics.
  • Outdoor storage units and sheds. Any metal plant stands, storage sheds, shelving units, or outdoor cabinets may be at risk of rust without protection. This is particularly true in the joints and seams.
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Any outdoor metal light fixtures, lanterns, or lamp posts in and around your property can quickly become corroded with constant exposure to the elements.
  • Recreational equipment. Metal canoes, kayaks, fishing gear, camping equipment are all vulnerable to corrosive damage, especially because they get a lot of exposure to water.

Zerust-Axxanol-Spray-G Sprayable Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention Spray Protects Your Property

The Axxanol Spray-G is a rust preventative sprayable grease that protects metal products and parts during long-term outdoor storage or indoor storage.

For outdoor items used only seasonally, you may choose to spray them at the close of the season before placing them in storage. That said, rust prevention spray can be used at any time, so long as application occurs in an environment and/or on surfaces that are least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Any oil residue can be removed with a simple solvent cleaner.

If you’re unsure of the specifics of use, contact us. Our friendly rust prevention experts are happy to offer insight!

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