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3 Simple Ways to Prevent Firearm Rust

Firearm rust is a reality with which many gun owners must grapple – particularly with older models. Sometimes they’re passed down in less-than-ideal condition or perhaps purchased with the intention of cleanup and resale. But even newer guns aren’t immune, particularly if they aren’t taken care of.

Of course, as any responsible gun owner will tell you, it’s much easier to prevent firearm rust than it is to treat it after the fact. The good news is there are three simple ways to do that:

  • Thoroughly clean your gun after every use with the proper gun cleaner.
  • Oil your gun with the right kind of gun oil.
  • Properly store your gun with vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) technology.

prevent firearm rustAny one of these three methods will go a long way toward preventing rust on your firearm. Combining all three is the best way to ensure the metal components of your gun remain in ready condition.

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Gun After Each Use.

Cleaning your gun properly – and thoroughly – after each use can go a long way to helping prevent firearm rust. A grimy gun is a potentially dangerous one. The risk is that dust or debris might cause inaccuracy or even failure when you need it most. Make sure when you clean your gun that you start by reading the manual. This might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. This is going to tell you how to correctly arm and disarm the gun. If you bought your gun used, you can probably still find the manual in a simple Google search. Once you’ve read through that, unload the gun. (Again – important but frequently ignored.) Then you’ll want to carefully remove any debris from the gun. This might take a bit of elbow grease, but it’s easier when you’re working with the right cleaning solution. Making your own isn’t a good idea. There are countless DIY recipes, but truly, the best materials are going to be those that were especially made for the purpose of protecting your firearm. Remember, you’re demanding that this machine perform with precision in seconds – under extreme forces of friction and heat. Trust the products you know are going to clean it correctly. Our gun cleaner is expressly made specifically for this purpose. firearm rust prevention

2. Prevent Firearm Rust With the Right Gun Oil.

Even if you take great care to clean your gun, failure to oil it can cause you headaches. You might know that the military goes to great lengths to shield their firearms from rust and corrosion. They are fastidious in cleaning AND oiling in order to keep each piece working optimally under a broad range of conditions. Guns are often going to be used outdoors, sometimes in harsh environments with conditions like rain, dust, dirt, debris, mud, and humidity. Applying gun oil after a good cleaning puts an additional barrier between the metal parts of the gun and those corrosive elements. Plus, greater lubricity can help control carbon buildup (common in more modern guns) and enhance a gun’s performance. Using the wrong gun oil, though, can have the opposite effect, causing dirt and debris to stick to the surface. Choosing gun oil that has been battle-tested is essential.

3. Properly Store Your Gun With VCI. 

VCI stands for vapor corrosion inhibitor. Here again, the military leads by example, using VCI technology to protect everything from handguns to extra large equipment. What we do is make similar products for everyday consumers who want the best protection from corrosion for their tools, vehicles, and other valuables. We do this in a variety of ways, depending on the type and size of item you’re trying to preserve. For firearms, we have lots of options, such as VCI firearm protection bags, VCI fleece-lined firearm bag, or rust prevention vapor capsules that can be simply latched onto the inside of a gun safe, cabinet, shed, or closet. There are also tube and barrel strips that can be cut to size to protect the internal components of your firearm.

When you take proper care of your firearm, you protect your investment and ensure that it lasts for many more years to come.

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