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Corrosion Solutions for Firearm Storage Lockers Lacking Built-In Rust Prevention

Firearm owners want peace of mind when storing their piece. A recent study by JAMA found that secure storage of guns is a growing priority among U.S. firearm owners. They want to know their gun isn’t going to fall in the wrong hands, but they also want it to be ready for their own handling at the drop of a dime if necessary. Firearm storage lockers are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Sometimes referred to as “weapons storage cabinets,” firearm storage lockers prevent unauthorized access, allow for easy organization, and are versatile for safe use in a variety of different settings. They’re also typically less expensive and also larger than heavy duty gun safes. They’re ideal for storing a moderate to large number of firearms and accessories.

However, one thing most firearms storage lockers lack is rust and corrosion protection.firearm storage locker rust prevention

Firearm storage lockers typically feature some type of latticed opening for ventilation. While this does prevent moisture from getting trapped inside (a common corrosion problem with gun safes), it also means the contents are potentially exposed to whatever environmental elements are in the space surrounding the storage locker. Given that firearms are often mainly composed of metal (including steel, which contains iron), there’s a real danger of rust and corrosion.

Firearms may be especially vulnerable to corrosive elements in a ventilated storage locker if it’s located in a garage or shed. This would allow more opportunity for direct exposure to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and contaminants like salt, gas, chemicals, etc.

The NRA National Firearms Museum recommends storing guns at a steady 70 degrees Fahrenheit with no more than 55% relatively humidity. Few gun owners have time to monitor environmental conditions that closely on a daily basis. But when guns get rusty, they get risky. If corrosion gets into the wrong crevices, it can damage certain mechanisms, making some functions potentially unreliable.

Even if a firearm storage locker is entirely closed, then you run the same risk you do with a gun safe – trapped moisture and humidity. Either way, you can’t overlook the risk of corrosion in your gun storage solution.

The good news is that if you’re using a firearm storage locker, you don’t need to invest in pricey humidity monitors, dehumidifiers, or other climate control equipment. You can keep the firearms storage locker you have – or proceed with the purchase of one you’ve been eyeing – and simply take care of corrosion concerns using a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) product.

Types of Gun Rust Prevention for Firearm Storage Lockers

Zerust has numerous VCI products for firearm rust prevention. However, not all of them are going to be ideal for firearm storage lockers.

For example, rust prevention vapor capsules are excellent in keeping corrosion at bay in enclosed spaces, such as a gun safe. Same with our VCI drawer liners. But if the storage space has ventilated openings, the protection isn’t going to be as robust.

But there are other equally effective alternatives. Those include:

  • VCI firearm protection bags. These come in eight different sizes – all either zipped or plain closures – to fit any firearm size from handguns to long rifles. Just place your cleaned, cooled gun into the bag and zip or tie the top. The bag releases non-toxic vapors that settle onto the metal and protect the contents inside the bag from rust and corrosion. When you open up the bag, the vapor harmlessly dissipates into the air.
  • Tube and barrel strip. These strips can be cut to length and fit into any ferrous metal tube or pipe – including a gun barrel of pretty much any size – protecting your firearm from rust and corrosion from the inside.
  • Fleece-lined firearm bag. These are great for rifles, and they won’t leave any residue on metal or wood. They’ll also keep your gun safe from any knicks or scrapes that could be caused by being jostled against other guns or metal components.

If you have questions about which VCI firearm rust prevention solution will work best for your storage space, we’re happy to offer our insights.

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