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For those of you out there who are fans of Zerust trusted line of rust protection, rust inhibitor, and rust repellent rust inhibitor products, and regular readers to the Z-HQ Workbench Blog, first we’d like to say thank you for your patronage. We’re glad you’ve stopped by. As a token of our esteem, we’d like to answer one of the most common questions we get from our many satisfied customers regarding one of our most revolutionary products.

“Man, this stuff really works…But how?”

By now you’ve heard us talk an awful lot about our patented Zerust Vapor Capsules [VC1-1 to VC6-1] and perhaps you’ve wondered, how does this stuff really work?

At Zerust, we design our rust prevention rust inhibitor products based on an inherent need for improvement. We at Zerust are Tradesmen and Tradeswomen, Outdoor enthusiasts, and licensed and bonded professionals ourselves, and we identified a need at the ground level – on the shop floor – and so we endeavored to fill it with the most reliable, effective corrosion inhibitor products on the market.

Of course, we invested considerable amounts of time and money ourselves in purchasing our own high-end storage units for personal use. Like you, we also struggled with the ravages of time on our own hardware (inside toolboxes, breaker boxes, storage shelves, etc.). We wanted to provide a solution for the ages, literally. Now, thanks to years of research and a whole lot of trial and error, you no longer have to invest in an expensive solutions like a pewter oak storage chest for your firearms, or a high end tool box for your tools and electronics.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, or you’d just like to provide a little extra TLC to your belongings while they are in storage, consider keeping your metals and electronics safe by introducing one of our patented Zerust Vapor Capsules into the mix.

Trial. Error. Success.

After many years of experimentation with different combinations of materials, we finally arrived at just the right combination of agents to extend the life of your tools and electronics. Easily one of our most significant breakthroughs to date, the Zerust Vapor Capsule measures in around the size of a 9v battery and resembles something like a blackboard eraser. Likewise, they’re just as easy to use, convenient, inconspicuous, and effective.

We’ve fine tuned the capsules over time, and today we produce and manufacture each one according to spec – with just the right amount of rust inhibitor inside. Note: The Zerust Vapor Capsule comes in a variety of different iterations and can protect a variable radius for a varying length of time. Just slip one into the area you’d like most to protect and let the capsules do their thing. Each individual Zerust Vapor Capsule fits comfortably in most storage containers.

For a visual representation of just how well Zerust Vapor Capsule inhibitors work their magic, check out our Zerust Product Page on YouTube:

Also, check out these Stats from the Zerust Products Page:
VC1-1 capsules protect a radius of one (1) foot within an enclosed area.
VC2-1, VC2-2 and TP2-1 capsules protect a radius of two (2) feet within an enclosed area.
VC4-1 capsules protect a radius of four (4) feet within an enclosed area.
VC6-1 & VC6-2 capsules protect a radius of six (6) feet within an enclosed area.

-Michael J. Miller for Zerust