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Motorcycle Rust Prevention: Why Motorcycle Covers are Essential

Anyone who owns a motorcycle or is shopping for one recognizes that motorcycles require some basic maintenance. What many aren’t sure about is whether motorcycle covers are worth the investment. After all, many cars sit out in the elements for a time and seem fine. But motorcycle covers should be considered by owners to be basic maintenance.

Aside from the obvious theft risk that covers can help mitigate, it’s important to note is that motorcycle components are much more exposed than those of other types of vehicles. Bikes that are stored outdoors are obviously susceptible to UV damage, dust and moisture from rain, snow or fog. Those that are stored indoors are not immune from damage, rust and other corrosion, particularly dust and moisture.

So motorcycle covers are absolutely worth it. But not all are created equal. A motorcycle cover that does nothing else but provide a cover may keep dust at bay, but it won’t shield your ride against moisture. This can leave it susceptible to rust – particularly in those areas that aren’t immediately visible. Ultimately, the cost of a motorcycle cover doesn’t compare to the price of damage that may be caused by not having one.

Motorcycle Covers Protect Against Water, Condensation, Ice

This is perhaps the biggest pro-motorcycle cover argument. Motorcycles are designed to withstand some amount of exposure to water, but over a period of time, it can really damage your motorcycle. Moisture has a tendency to find itself in cracks and crevices where it can cause serious damage. This is particularly true if it seeps into the engine or carburetor.

Motorcycle covers will repel water from directly coming into contact with the bike, but the right motorcycle cover can also protect against condensation, which can cause rust and mold. Fixes to these problems are expensive.

Rust can cause an engine to seize. This is not a fatal problem, but it will be a pain to fix.

The risk of water damage can be exacerbated in the winter months because ice and sold can wreak havoc on your bike, causing rust to form at the mirrors, forks, wheel spokes and pipes.

When water or condensation slips into interior components, it’s picking up dirt and grime it passes and carrying it right along. This can create a buildup of gunk in areas you don’t want it to be. Water will also break down the lubrication on your chain, which can pose a serious safety issue. Beyond that, dust, dirt and mud can accelerate the rusting process.

Looking for a motorcycle¬† for sale is much easier if you start off with a reputable source like Zecycles. With all of the options out there and the many motorcycle manufacturers out there it’s a tough decision to make. However, before you can buy a bike you are going to need to do a bit of research and find out which options you are most interested in. There are many different types of motorcycles for sale and not all of them will be the best fit for you, or at least what you are looking for. With this in mind, it is important to look over the features of each bike and decide if you want it for your commuting needs, your cruising needs, or for a weekend ride around the block.

Water in the tank or fuel lines can render your motorcycle inoperable. In fact, water in your gas tank can be extremely dangerous if it gets into the combustion chamber.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Cover

Although cost is certainly a factor to consider, springing for the cheapest cover is probably not the best strategy. You want one that does the job, but you don’t want to have to purchase a new one every year. Plus, even if it provides some degree of protection, but a basic cover could actually do more harm than good if it traps moisture inside. You want to find one that will repel water and won’t trap moisture inside.

The right cover will not only prevent dust, water and condensation from getting on the bike, but also from building up from underneath. or inside This is true for both indoor and outdoor storage. Keep in mind that many motorcycle owners are often engaged in other activities that might put their bike at risk (whether that’s a wood-working project or simply opening-and-closing the door).

Zerust motorcycle covers come in varying sizes – lined and unlined – and provide up to five years of protection. They zip completely closed and are made anti-corrosion technology that shields against rust, dust, heat and other harsh conditions. They are also corrosion-proof, mold-proof, water-resistant, rust inhibiting – and affordable.

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