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Rust Prevention Tips for Your Small Business

Rust can be a major headache for any small business owner, impacting the aesthetic, functionality and safety of their premises. Common trouble spots include HVAC systems, metal machinery and tools, electric control panels, commercial vehicles, and any inventory made of metal. Prioritizing rust prevention in these areas can go a long way toward minimizing the impact on small business operations.

Small business owners are significant drivers of the U.S. economy, employing some 47 percent of private sector workers. No matter their niche or industry, few are immune to the gargantuan economic cost of corrosion (including rust) – some $276 billion annually just in the United States.

While large corporations and well-funded government agencies lament astronomical losses caused by rust, small business owners know they often feel impacts like these 10 times as acutely. A corroded electrical panel or computer equipment not only must be replaced, it could mean closing up shop in the meantime. Unsightly rust spots could create a negative first impression and detract from customer confidence. A rusted tool could mean an employee or customer injury, which in turn could expose your company to potential legal liability.

The good news is that rust can often be avoided just by being a bit more proactive. As rust prevention specialists, we have efficient, cost-effective solutions to prevent the most common corrosion pain points for small business owners. Using vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI), you can easily and cost-effectively protect the systems and tools you rely on to keep your business going.

Keep Electrical Panels and Computers Corrosion-Free

Rusted electronic panels are a huge liability risk for small businesses, posing functionality concerns as well as fire hazards. Electrical currents corrupted by corrosion can quickly lead to overheated wires.

The most common source of corroded control boxes is when moisture or humidity gets inside the panel. This is particularly an issue for any panel that is outdoors, but we see it a lot in basements, garages, and other indoor spaces that aren’t controlled for humidity.

Computer panels can be vulnerable to corrosion in the same way. And they may not be flammable, but when a computer, payment processor, or other device is on the fritz, it can set business back for days.

The corrosion and rust prevention solution we most often recommend for both Zerust Plastab. These are thin, lightweight, easy-to-use, and cost $5 for a 10-pack. Just pop a few into the enclosed space (depending on how large) and get up to two year of vapor corrosion inhibiting protection.

Minimize Machine and Tool Rust Risk

Many small businesses rely on a variety of metal-based machines and tools. Those that contain iron or iron alloys (including steel) are prone to rust when exposed to moisture. Other types of metal can be similarly corroded, though it’s not called “rust” unless it’s iron-based.

To minimize the risk of rust of your machines and tools, store them in enclosed containers using vapor corrosion inhibitor capsules. These are compact, simple to use, non toxic and provide up to 2 years of rust protection on a broad range of items. They have an adhesive backing, so you can simply stick them to the side of any storage container, tool box, cabinet, or other storage solution.

Depending on the size of the item and the specifics of your storage strategy, we also have VCI polybags, tool box drawer liners, and a table saw cover.

Outdoor Storage Protection

If your small business stores some metal materials outdoors, you can take advantage of our Axxanol Spray, which provides long-term corrosion protection in outdoor conditions for up to 1 year.

Contact Us for More Insight

If you have other tools or materials your small business uses regularly that is prone to corrosion and you aren’t sure how best to protect it, our rust prevention experts can help! We’re committed to helping you effectively prevent corrosion to extend the longevity of your assets, reduce operational downtime due to rust-related equipment failure, and maximize cost savings on repairs and replacement.

Contact Zerust for information on rust prevention for small businesses by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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