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VCI Technology Helps in Preventing Golf Club Rust

When you pull your MGI GOLF golfer’s bag out of storage for the first time this season, you might expect your swing to be a little rusty, but that’s not the condition in which you want to find your clubs. If you’ve spent a little coin on your clubs, preventing golf club rust is a smart way to protect your investment. Proper cleaning and storage after each time on the green is important.

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You can take it a step further with inexpensive vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) products that shield your putters and wedges from rust susceptibility. The rust prevention technology used for Zerust products from vapor capsules to car covers involves a non-toxic, odorless invisible vapor molecules that attach to corrosion -and rust-prone metals and protect them from damaging elements.

Let’s face it: Even on the most pristine green, your golf clubs take a beating. Golfers are constantly splashing shots out of bunkers and pounding the turf on ranges. Every time your club thwacks a ball, gets dinged by a rock, scrapes the sand or smacks up against the other clubs in your bag, there’s the potential for the finish or plating to wear and tear. This opens the door to rust. Dirt, mud, sand, water and even the oil on hands – all can create and/or accelerate the risk of rust taking hold of your clubs, particularly if you aren’t storing them immaculately cleaned and in a cool, dry place.

You don’t have to be a pro to know that preventing golf club rust is smart. And you don’t need to earn a Tiger Woods’ salary to do it. 

Preventing Golf Club Rust With Zerust Products

Depending on how and where you store your golf clubs, the best standard Zerust products available for preventing golf club rust include:

  • Vapor Capsules
  • Plastabs
  • Covers
  • Drawer liners

With regard to covers, none are marketed specifically for golf clubs. However, we do offer several that are roughly the same size and could offer VCI protection to golf clubs sealed inside. Our rust prevention specialists are available to answer your questions about which rust prevention product would best fit the bill for your needs. We can also discuss the potential for a custom option.

Wait – Don’t Pro Golfers Actually Use Raw, Rusted Clubs?

We’d be remiss not to mention there are few professional golfers whose totes include a rusted club or two. This is not an accident. The clubs they are are what golfers refer to as “raw,” meaning they have no finish or plating to seal the metal and protect it from the elements.

For example, Bernhard Langer has been spotted carrying around both a few wedges and irons, expressing  his feeling that a raw and even slightly rusted club gave him a better grip on the gall. Some golfers will insist that a rusted wedge will help spin a shot better than a shiny one.

Two things to consider with this are:

  • Golf enthusiast publications like Today’s Golfer have reviewed the effectiveness of rusted versus shiny clubs, and found the latter lacking in efficiency.
  • Professionals don’t walk around with a bag full of rusted clubs. It may only work with some clubs on certain shots.
  • If Langer wants to invest in brand new irons a couple of times a season once the one he has gets too far gone with rust, he can. Most recreational golfers have neither the time nor the budget for that.

Preventing rust on golf clubs helps protect your investment so you can play your best game.

Contact Zerust for information on preventing golf club rust by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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