best gun oil to prevent gun rust

Picking the Best Gun Oil to Prevent Gun Rust

A firearm that’s well-maintained and properly stored is a gun that not only stays in great shape – it’s safe. Picking the best gun oil to prevent gun rust is key because corrosion has been a risk as long as firearms have existed.

As noted by the National Institute of Justice, the best material for making critical gun components has always been iron-based metal – which includes steel, an iron alloy. They’re strong and resilient materials – but their weakness is the chemical reaction that occurs when coming in contact with environmental elements. For iron, that chemical reaction is oxidation, which is a result of contact with oxygen and water (or even moisture in the form of humidity). The result is rust. Beyond just pitting and discoloration, rust weakens the metal’s strength. Ultimately, it will break it down altogether.

But unless you’re going to keep your gun in an airtight display case, it’s going to be exposed to those elements. More than that, it’s going to be exposed to additionally corrosive elements like dirt, salt, dust, mud, sun, skin oil, snow, and rain. Keeping it clean is just one part of keeping your gun in great condition.

Rust prevention for firearms requires a variety of strategies that include:

Finding the best gun oil to prevent gun rust means combing through a ton of potential products, all promising top tier results. At Zerust, we know you have a lot of choices. So here are some things to consider.

Not all gun oils are equal.

It’s very important to understand that you can’t just use any standard oil for gun maintenance. The lubricants used for guns are typically more complex – and sometimes more expensive to produce – because they often contain compounds like silicone that make them better equipped for the high pressure and heat produced by guns with more gas-powered parts. Also, the higher quality the gun oil, the easier the gun will be to clean. (If you have to manually scrape off baked-on carbon, you risk greater damage.)

Viscosity Index

Military and law enforcement specifically opt for gun oil with a very high viscosity index, which is particularly important if you’re firing many rounds of ammunition in short succession at the range. This can also help to reduce the chances that carbon will build up in the interior components.

High Lubricity

A good gun oil will have high enough lubricity to handle the carbon buildup of modern firearms, which keeps key mechanisms operating optimally.

Corrosion and Rust Prevention

Guns are frequently used in unforgiving environments – outdoors, on the range, in conditions that are dusty, muddy, humid, salty, or rainy. Exposure to these elements puts metal parts at risk of rust and corrosion, which can compromise the functionality and precision of a tool that demands flawless performance with every single use. Regular, thorough gun cleaning and oiling with high-quality products is an imperative to help prevent firearm rust.

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