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Proper Ammo Storage Solutions Include Corrosion Prevention

Ammunition does not have an infinite shelf life. But to ensure your ammo is in the best shape possible for as long as possible, your ammo storage plan should include corrosion prevention. ammo storage

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the number of new gun owners in the U.S. has shot up by 8.4 million in the last two years. If you haven’t been a lifelong or regular gun owner, educating yourself on proper gun and ammo storage is essential. Whatever storage solution you choose needs to keep firearms and ammunition from falling into the wrong hands, but also ensure that if you grab for your piece at a moment’s notice, you won’t be caught off-guard with failing components due to preventable corrosion.

Most ammo isn’t going to rust, exactly, but that’s only because rounds are often made of brass. Bullets are manufactured of a lead-antimony alloy that’s encased in soft brass or a copper-plated soft steel jacket. Rust refers to a specific chemical reaction that solely involves iron and iron alloys. However, your bullets can absolutely become corroded through a similar process. Most metals will start to corrode when exposed to water or humidity and oxygen.

The best ammo storage solutions are those that shield them from these elements – and also incorporate specific anti-corrosion, anti-tarnish protection. Zerust has a number of ammo storage solutions that utilize VCI technology to protect a broad range of metal materials. VCI stands for “vapor corrosion inhibitor,” and it was developed with the express purpose of preventing degradation of metal materials that occur naturally through the chemical processes of rust and corrosion. It involves creating a molecule-thin layer of anti-rust vapor protection around the metal when it’s being stored in an enclosed area. When the enclosure is opened, those particles release harmlessly into the air.

Rust and corrosion are huge problems for government, industry, and civilians all over the world. The rust-related breakdown of everything from ships, to cars, to electronics costs billions to address and/or replace annually.

Corroded ammunition in particular is a problem because a corroded bullet is a dangerous one. If it’s fired, it could rupture or break, shooting hot air back through action of the gun, possibly injuring the shooter. If a corroded bullet gets stuck in the chamber but the shooter doesn’t realize it and goes to fire another round, the firearm could explode. Of course, that’s fairly rare because gun owners usually take the time to educate themselves about how to safely store and maintain their firearms and ammo.

Government agencies and businesses invest significantly in VCI technology to protect their vulnerable metal goods and supplies. Luckily, protecting consumer goods – like ammo – with VCI is pretty affordable.

VCI Ammo Storage Options

You can safeguard the ammunition you stockpile by storing it properly. Do this, and even your cheaper rounds can last a very long time.

Some tips for ammo storage:

  • Keep ammunition in a cool, dry place. If you store them in very high temperatures, very low temperatures, or in a location where temperatures may fluctuate, it can cause damage to the rounds.
  • Keep ammo and guns dry. Humidity and moisture poses a major threat to any metal components. Metals across the board are pretty vulnerable to the corrosive effects of moisture, which kicks off the chemical oxidation process – starting with the surface and eventually boring its way beneath.
  • Keep ammo in a dark place. Light – specifically, UV light – can be destructive to many metals, especially if repeatedly exposed. This is why you really want an indoor storage solution.
  • Use VCI storage solutions. Zerust has a number of effective ammo storage solutions. These include VCI plastabs, which are ideal for drawer storage, VCI capsules, which work best for storing ammo in safes or tool boxes, and VCI poly bags for ammo, which can fit an array of case sizes in whatever enclosure you’re using.

If you have questions about which VCI ammo storage solution would work best for your rounds and/or storage space, we can help.

Contact Zerust for information on rust protection for firearms by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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