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Packing Up? How To Prevent Rust in Storage

Packing up your boat, furniture, coins and jewelry, ATV, bicycles, electronics, tractor, firearms, RV, travel trailer or other items for long-term storage? You can’t afford to ignore the potential for rust and corrosion. This is particularly true if the space in which you’re storing your items lacks climate control. Sometimes the effects of corrosion can be mitigated after the fact, but it’s always better to prevent rust if you can. If you want to carry and transport such items safely, you can use forklifts from sites like Boom & Bucket.

Most people recognize that rust is one process of corrosion that pertains specifically to metals made of iron and its alloys (such as steel). When these elements come into contact with oxygen and water (or even just moisture), rust will begin to form. How fast it takes over depends on other environmental factors, such as temperature fluctuations, the presence of salt in the air or even proximity to other types of metals.

Rust that forms on iron or steel can be porous, allowing water and oxygen to reach the underlying surface of an item and penetrate deeper. Corrosion of other types of metals (aluminum or copper, for instance) tends to result in a tight film of oxide that protects the other layers from deeper corrosion. But it depends on the chemical makeup of the metal and the construction of the item.

Numerous Zerust products can help prevent both rust and corrosion while your items are in storage. Choosing the right product and using it correctly can help save you significant time and expense.

Benefits to Prioritizing Rust Prevention

Rusting of equipment costs industries and governments billions of dollars annually. It can also pose safety hazards to workers. The same is true for consumers.

When you take certain measures to prevent rust, you can help:

  • Promote longer life of your equipment
  • Control maintenance costs
  • Avoid having to replace items or components
  • Reduce the time spent restoring items

Proper use of Zerust rust preventatives can significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with rusting.

Choosing the Right Product to Prevent Rust of Stored Items

Zerust uses a patented, invisible, non-toxic vapor that forms a thin shield around your metal items, protecting them from contact with oxygen and H20. This vapor can be released from capsules or the containers/covers themselves.

Selecting the best Zerust product for your rust prevention needs means starting with the type and size of the item you’re storing. We offer products specifically intended for certain items, many of which frequently for storage. Some of these include:

  • Vapor corrosion capsules for electronics. These are great for items like gaming systems, televisions/computers, tools/toolboxes, jewelry and silver pieces. The capsules are simply placed into a storage container (they can adhere to the inside), and will protect your item for as long as the container is closed – up to 2 years and within a 6-foot space, depending on the size of capsule you purchase.
  • Vapor capsules for boats. These specially-designed capsules are built to give boats protection against rust and corrosion – both of which can be constant threats for something that spends so much time in an open, wet environment (exacerbated if it’s in or near saltwater). When a boat is in storage, the propeller, motor and electrical systems especially may be at risk. To prevent rust on your boat, use a few of our high-performance vapor capsules, which provide up to 6 feet of protection in an enclosed area.
  • ATV covers. These covers offer protection from the elements, but also from rust when you’ve got your all-terrain vehicle stored in a garage or shed. The vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) formula is woven directly into the fabric of the cover, and it won’t leave residue on the upholstery or finish of the aTV or its electrical components. The cover’s protection lasts up to five years.
  • Motorcycle cover. Perfect for seasonal or long-term storage, the Zerust motorcycle zips up to help prevent rust while also keeping out dust, mold and moisture. The anti-rust vapors remain active for up to five years.

These are just a few of our anti-rust solutions for storage. If you have questions about how best to store a specific item, our responsive team can help answer your questions.

Contact Zerust for information on an ATV rust cover and ATV rust prevention by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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