Rust Prevention Motorcycle Cover Helps Keep Your Ride Rolling

The U.S. motorcycle industry roared into 2021, with reported sales up 33 percent from this time last year. Many new buyers are seeking more sources of outdoor recreation. But taking it outdoors means exposure to the elements, which means you run the risk of rust. Caring for a new motorcycle means ensuring not only that it’s regularly maintained but also properly stored. This is where a quality rust prevention motorcycle cover comes in.

Rust occurs when iron or iron alloy metals are exposed to both oxygen and moisture. This kicks off a natural process called oxidation, which is what can corrode the metal surfaces. Unless metal is somehow sealed or protected with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI), rust is inevitable. Corrosion can occur with other types of metals as well, though rust is specific to iron metals.

Motorcycles and motorcycle parts can rust or corrode when their metal parts get wet, have condensation, are snowed on or come into contact with any moisture. The process can be accelerated with exposure to elements like salt (on the road or in the air). This is why it’s so important not only to properly clean your motorcycle but also store it in a low-humidity environment. Using a VCI helps protect your bike not only from dirt and debris, but also from the chemical processes that cause rust and corrosion.

It’s important to note that not every motorcycle cover is going to provide equal protection against rust and corrosion. A cover that does not have VCI tech woven into the fabric can still help shield against dust, debris and UV damage. It can even serve as a theft deterrent. However, it will still leave your motorcycle susceptible to moisture. It may protect against the threat of direct rain, but it can trap moisture or humidity inside, which can leave your bike at risk for rust and even mold, especially in the hard-to-see spots.

Even though motorcycles are designed to withstand some degree of water exposure, over time it can do a real number on your ride. Moisture makes its way into the crevices of your bike, where it can cause serious damage, especially to the carburetor or engine.

If it turns out you have rust in these areas, repairs can be quite pricey. Rust can also pose safety risks, resulting in an engine seizing, damage to the tank or fuel lines and weaken the structural components.

Even with a newer motorcycle, rust and corrosion can quickly become an issue. If you buy a new bike with more mileage, your ride will be at even greater risk, due to the scratches, dings and pocks in which corrosion thrives. If you’re buying your motorcycle used, be sure to have it first examined by a reputable mechanic, and ask specifically about rust and corrosion danger.

Whether your buying new or used, the most effective motorcycle cover is one that includes a vapor corrosion inhibitor, specifically designed to encase your bike in protection against moisture. Zerust motorcycle covers are uniquely manufactured to insulate your metals with a non-toxic, molecular layer of electrochemical protection that lasts up to five years from the first time you use it.

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