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Buying the Best Bicycle Cover for Your Ride

There’s little question bicycles benefit from the protection of quality covers in storage and transit. The best bicycle cover for you will depend somewhat on the type of bike, how often you use it, the terrain you use it on, and your storage situation. One thing all bike owners should consider though is rust prevention. Preventing rust is important for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your bike.

Rust and corrosion are serious threats to the shelf life of your bicycle. Most metals will corrode eventually – though how soon and to what extent depends on the type of metal and the elements to which it’s exposed. Rust is a very specific form of corrosion that involves iron and iron alloys that are exposed to oxygen and H2O (in liquid or gas form). Steel – a favored metal for bicycle construction because of its durability and strength – is an iron alloy that is vulnerable to rust. But other types of metals used to make bicycles, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, have varying degrees of vulnerability to different types of corrosion. For instance, aluminum and carbon fiber may be especially susceptible to galvanic corrosion. Titanium has a much higher resistance to corrosion, but titanium frame bicycles are very expensive comparatively.

Other factors that can lead to accelerated bicycle corrosion include:

  • Inadequately sealed components (hubs, headsets, etc.).
  • Temperature swings, which can lead to a build-up of condensation.
  • Exposure to open-air conditions, particularly if it’s rainy, snowy, muddy, or icy.
  • Salty air exposure, particularly in coastal regions.

Whether you’ve invested a lot of money in your bike or just want to stretch the life of the bike you have, the best bicycle cover is one that doesn’t overlook rust prevention. best bicycle cover

Zerust Has the Best Bicycle Cover for Anti-Corrosion Protection

Whether you have a commuter bike or engage in high-end racing, the metal parts of your bike – shifters, gears, and brakes – all are potentially vulnerable to rust.

Although there are covers that promise to be waterproof and shield your bicycle from the elements, the problem with many of these products is that they can actually speed up rust and corrosion because while blocking sun and water, they actually trap moisture inside. Ultimately, this does more harm than good.

Zerust bicycle covers are not only water resistant, but rust-inhibiting, mold proof, and corrosion proof. Using vapor corrosion inhibiting (VCI) technology, a thin layer of protection surrounds the metal components of your bicycle when it’s under the VCI bicycle cover – protecting it from any form of corrosion, including rust. The active corrosion-inhibiting component in our bike covers stays active for a full five years after purchase.

Other Tips for Preventing Bicycle Rust

In addition to choosing the best bicycle cover, other ways to keep your bicycle in prime condition include:

  1. Keep your bike dry. Water is the main culprit for causing rust on your bike. After riding your bike in wet conditions, make sure to wipe it down with a dry towel to remove any moisture.
  2. Store your bike in a dry place. If you store your bike outside, it is more likely to rust due to exposure to the elements. Try to store your bike in a dry place like a garage or shed. Whether you store it outside or indoors, use a good bicycle cover.
  3. Use a rust inhibitor. In addition to using a VCI bicycle cover, rust inhibitors can be applied directly to the metal parts of your bike before it’s placed in storage. Axxanol Spray is one example.
  4. Regularly inspect your bike. Regularly check for any signs of rust or damage. If you notice any rust, it’s important to address it immediately before it spreads.

By following these tips – and selecting a top-quality VCI bicycle cover for storage and transit – you can stretch the life of your bike. Zerust has storage options that include zip and non-zip covers, as well as tandem bike covers. Reach out if you have any questions at all about the right fit for your ride.

Contact Zerust for information on bicycle covers and bike rust prevention by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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