tool rust prevention

Spring Garden Tool Rust Prevention Solutions by Zerust

Garden tool rust prevention is essential for any budding horticulturalist (or weekend warrior).

tool rust prevention

Gardening can quickly sap your energy, and we’ve all been guilty at some time or another of leaving gardening tools outside or tossing them in a tool box without a proper clean. But rusty tools are potentially hazardous. At minimum, they won’t work as well. Some gardeners shell out hundreds to replace rusted tools every season, while others simply give up. Beyond that, a simple slip of a rusted tool could leave you nursing a nasty cut (and rust in a wound bolsters the risk of infection, possibly with tetanus).

Taking good care of your tools (particularly pruning shears, which gum up easily and rust in short order) need not be a hassle or come at a premium. Zerust toolbox anti-rust technology – which includes toolbox drawer liners, vapor capsules for tool boxes and plastabs – helps keep your trowels, saws, hoes, hori hori knives and loppers in the best possible condition.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of search engine results for “how to get rid of rust on garden tools,” with DIY bloggers offering up a range of approaches, from vinegar mixes to sanding. We can’t vouch for those recommendations. What we CAN say is it’s unquestionably easier to protect tools from rust before it takes hold, as opposed to trying to get rid of it once it’s formed.

Why Rust Attacks Garden Tools

One thing gardeners are never looking to grow is rust.

Rust is a reddish-brownish compound formally known as iron oxide (Fe2O3). It’s a chemical reaction spurred when iron and oxygen interact with moisture. Iron and its alloys (such as steel) are susceptible to corrosion. Given enough time, a rusted metal piece can completely disintegrate. As noted by the University of Illinois’ Department of Physics, the rate of rust and corrosion depends, but can happen overnight under the right conditions. For example, if the metal is very thin, hot or unprotected by any seal or coating, rust can invade rapidly.

Many gardening tools are manufactured with wooden or plastic handles attached to steel tangs. While other metals like copper or aluminum might seem a preferable choice at first blush, the reality is those materials aren’t nearly as durable as steel and its alloys. Steel and stainless steel (which contains additive nickel and chromium) are the best choice for lasting tools. However, that means you must take appropriate precaution to ensure garden tool rust prevention.

Critical to this endeavor is controlling humidity and moisture. Tools that are left outside are vulnerable not just to rain, but also to the moisture that exists naturally in the air. Even toolboxes can be potentially hazardous to tool life if moisture can seep inside. Some toolboxes even trap it.

How Zerust Aids in Tool Rust Prevention

Zerust has several solutions for toolbox rust prevention. Products like plastabs and tool drawer liners are effective in releasing non-toxic, harmless, odorless vapors containing protective molecules that attach to your gardening tools (and all exposed metal surfaces). It’s a way of inhibiting the electro-chemical reaction on any metal surface vulnerable to corrosion. These lasting shields protect your tools from damaging rust and tarnish.

Our toolbox drawer liners are produced with a non-slip mesh to keep the liner from bunching and ensure an even layer of protection for all tools.

A multi-pronged approach is not only affordable, it will protect your gardening tool investment – leaving you more money for those extra shrubs and perennials.

Contact Zerust for information on garden tool rust prevention by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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