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Santa Brought You an ATV! Now Find the Best ATV Cover to Prevent Corrosion.

You were on the nice list this year and landed an awesome new ATV! Now it’s time to find the best ATV cover to protect it from rust and corrosion.

ATV, short for all-terrain vehicle, is sometimes called an OHV, or off-highway vehicle, or simply “quad.” As anyone who’s owned one can attest, you’ll need more than a little “juice” (gas) to get – and stay – going. In addition to safety gear like the proper helmet, gloves and goggles, you need to consider your storage strategy.

Sure, you can just pull into the garage and leave it as-is. But do this more than a few times (especially without cleaning and drying your ATV), you’ll soon find yourself in a bitter battle with corrosion. At that point, it’s not just aesthetics that suffer. It’s function too.

Cleaning – and drying – your ATV before securing it beneath an ATV cover is the best way to protect it from such elements. But here’s the key: It needs to be an ATV cover with vapor corrosion inhibitors, or VCIs. Otherwise, you could be trapping residual moisture, which is going to accelerate corrosion – especially if you store it without cleaning it first.

Benefits of an ATV Cover With Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

A high-quality ATV cover is going to offer protection from the elements, but also from corrosion. ATVs are made to endure rough rides, but like anything made with metal, they’re vulnerable to rust risk. Because essential functions of an ATV can be substantially compromised by corrosion, you’d be smart to take this treat seriously.

VCI products are specifically designed to extend protection against rust and corrosion. They’re used for so many different products –  everything from industrial materials to military equipment to electronics storage. Increasingly, they’re available for consumer goods as well.

VCIs are invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive and odorless. The compound is woven into the material of the capsule, bag, liner or cover. The vapor protects the metal components – iron, aluminum, brass, copper, steel, silver and nickel – for up to 5 years.

This kind of protection is particularly important for ATVs, which are exposed to moisture, humidity, dirt, salt, UV rays, sand, pests, and other corrosive elements. New ATV owners especially want to protect the paint, plastic, and metal components of their ride so it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible. The Zerust ATV cover can be used either for long-term storage or in-between uses.

Overall, our VCI covers for ATV are going to reduce maintenance and repair cost you’d otherwise spend on parts damaged by corrosion. It can also help your quad retain its resale over time (not that you’re in a rush to sell!). Buyers tend to prefer an ATV that’s been well-cared-for with minimal indicators of wear, tear, and rust.

Other Ways to Prevent ATV Rust

In addition to using a quality cover, some other tips to keep your ride running well:

  • Keep it clean. Remove dirt, debris, snow, and salt after every use.
  • Keep it lubricated. Make an effort after cleaning and thoroughly drying to lubricate any parts that come into contact with water/mud.
  • Patch the nicks. Rust can wheedle its way into those minor nicks and dents. Touching up the small problem spots keeps them from becoming a bigger issue.
  • Keep your engine out of the water. ATVs are made to withstand all types of environments, but if you end up submerged, water is going to get in your engine – and that will become a huge rust risk.

If you have questions about our ATV cover, our rust prevention experts are happy to help!

Contact Zerust for information on an ATV rust cover and ATV rust prevention by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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