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Searching the Best Gun Rust Prevention Products for Firearm Storage

Rust is always a risk when it comes to metal, and firearms are no exceptions – particularly carry guns because of their constant proximity to the human body. The best gun rust prevention products are those that are chemical-free, tidy, inexpensive and don’t require too much time and elbow grease.

The bad news is most modern rust rust preventatives on the market don’t fit the bill. The good news is, Zerust gun rust prevention products do. We offer a broad selection of firearm anti-rust products everyday use as well as long-term storage, depending on your needs.

The Risks of Gun Rust

In the modern age of smokeless powder, forged barrels and non-corrosive primers, gun rust isn’t the plague it was for 19th Century firearms exposed to the corrosive effects of mercuric primers and potassium salt-laden black powder residue. That doesn’t mean gun owners shouldn’t take rust risk seriously, especially if your storage strategy doesn’t involve an airtight case. Time and the elements can be rough on all metals – even stainless steel and aluminum. Many are surprised at how little time and elemental exposure it takes to do real damage to a firearm.

Few things are as disheartening as pulling your rifle from storage and discovering it pocked with rust. Some finishes can be destroyed by corrosion, but more concerning is the fact that a firearm’s functionality and integrity can be compromised by rust. A rusted barrel can cause a pressure explosion. Rusted moving parts increase the wear between points of contact. A rusted magazine spring can lead to failure to feed. A rusted slide will eventually result in failure to cycle, extract or eject. The damage may not be immediately apparent, but these aren’t the sort of surprises you w

Keep in mind that gun cases especially when it comes with AR-10 rifle kits– typically canvas on the outside, cloth on the inside – are intended for transport, not storage. Some gun enthusiasts recommend heavy-duty gun safes equipped with seals around the door and dehumidifiers on the inside. These cases can be effective, but they’re heavy, take up a fair amount of floor space and cost top dollar. Even weather-sealed gun boxes run somewhere in the neighborhood of $250, and most only store a single rifle. The investment might be worth it, but gun owners might still run into problems if the gun isn’t carefully cleaned and oiled after each and every time the case is opened and handled.

Whether you use a case or simply keep your weapon in the closet or night stand, Zerust gun rust prevention products provide protection against the corrosive trifecta of moisture, air and salt using vapor-corrosion inhibitor technology.

Gun Rust Prevention Products From Zerust

Our VCI anti-rust products for firearms are non-toxic, odorless and non-abrasive, coating your firearm with a thin layer of vapor molecules that keep harmful corrosive elements from penetrating metal. These vapors do not leave a residue on either metal or wood, and simply dissipate once the storage enclosure is opened. Although many of our products work on a broad array of vulnerable metal surfaces, we do offer a full line of VCI products exclusively for firearms. Those include:

  • VCI Rifle Bag. This fleece-lined rifle bag releases anti-rust and corrosion vapors that protect all exposed metal surfaces for up to five years.
  • VCI Tube & Barrel Strip. Tube and barrel strips are inserted into the metal tube, pipe or barrel before the ends are capped. The air inside those chambers is then filled with anti-rust vapor molecules, providing up to five years of protection.
  • VCI Gun Storage Bags. Cleaned, cooled weapons are placed into the VCI gun storage bag, closed with twist ties or zip closures (self-sealing) and are protected for a full five years.

We also have gun oil and gun cleaner for sale. Any of these options can be combined with your other storage strategies

If you’re on the fence about which products and storage options will provide the best protection for your firearm, our experienced anti-corrosion experts can help you choose.

Contact Zerust for information on preventing gun rust and corrosion by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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