Tube & Barrel Strip Helps Prevent Gun Barrel Rust

For firearm enthusiasts, rust is a four-letter word. Gun barrel rust may not be particularly unsightly (it’s probably not the first thing you’ll notice), but it can certainly impact the safety and performance of your firearm. Rust and debris inside the barrel results in a drastic pressure increase after a round is charged, causing a bulged or split barrel – or potentially even exploding the gun’s action.

Ensuring your gun is corrosion-free is pivotal. Proper cleaning and storage is key.

Keep in mind that each time you fire, residue is left in the barrel, chamber and action. That residue can build up over time. Failing to address it could result in a serious safety issue. Even new firearms need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Zerust tube and barrel strips are among the most effective means of firearm cleaning and gun barrel rust prevention.

How Fouling Can Lead to Gun Barrel Rust

Each time you use your firearm, the gun is exposed to action, chamber ejector and barrel of the gun will be exposed to copper, plastic, carbon and lead residue. When these contaminants build up and combine with moisture exposure, this is called fouling.

If left unchecked, this will result in corrosion, one form of which is rust. It usually starts inside the barrel of the gun, then creeps around to the chamber and ejector. Parts the rust and fuse together may cause failure to feed and fire.

The most common types of fouling are from carbon, copper, lead and plastic. Once fouling occurs, you risk the gun’s reliability, which essentially renders it useless if you’re hoping to use it for work or to protect your loved ones. (This is why law enforcement and the military make gun cleaning after every use such a priority.)

The best way to prevent this from occurring is to clean the gun after every use. Cleaning your firearm is the best way to prevent fouling. At the very least, a quick, basic cleaning of the barrel, outer surface and chamber is recommended.

It’s also smart to regularly check and routinely give your gun a quick cleaning even when it’s not regularly in use. Don’t assume that just because you’ve sealed it in storage that it’s safe, particularly if you aren’t using vapor corrosion inhibitors as part of your storage plan.

How to Use a VCI Tube & Barrel Strip

To prevent gun barrel rust, Zerust offers tube strips that can be used to help clean rifle barrels, gun barrels or any length of stored, ferrous metal pipe. These can be cut to length so they fit any length.

These easy-to-use barrel strips are simply inserted into the barrel and shut inside. The air in the pipe will be filed with VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) protection, sealing out the risk of rust and corrosion. When the ends of the pipe are uncapped, the vapor simply dissipates.

For further firearm protection, we offer VCI firearm protection bags, gun & oil cleaner, and VCI rifle bags.

Contact Zerust for information on rust protection for firearms by emailing us or calling (330) 405-1965.

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